Manage rentals within your CDK w.e.b.Suite™ or Drive System

ARMS® Dealership:
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Free* Software for your CDK Global w.e.b.Suite™ or Drive System.

Screenshot The ARMS® Dealership makes providing rentals to your customers easier, faster and more efficient than ever before. Created through a partnership between CDK and Enterprise Rent-A-Car®, the ARMS® Dealership application is specifically designed to work hand in hand with your CDK w.e.b.Suite 2007 System, giving you instant access to a great new time-saving program.

How ARMS® Dealership works.

ScreenshotScreenshot To users, the ARMS® Dealership application is only a couple of additional screens on your CDK w.e.b.Suite2007 System. When a customer needs a rental, your service advisor simply fills in a few pieces of information and then, automatically, the ARMS® Dealership application sends a rental request reservation directly to Enterprise. The ARMS® Dealership application allows the advisors to post rates, approve days, indicate the exact date and time to stop charges and communicate electronically with the local rental branch. As soon as the rental contract is closed, the invoice is automatically sent back to the CDK Service system, updating the repair order.

Rental Management Is Now Easier.

Save time. Increase productivity and efficiency.

The ARMS® Dealership application provides real time integration between the CDK Repair Order system and Enterprise. From the creation of the appointment, through invoicing, the two systems communicate and trade information. This will eliminate many manual tasks, which will allow your employees to be more efficient and productive.

Increase customer satisfaction.

Faster service means happier customers. The ARMS® Dealership application automatically takes all the customers' data from the appointment or RO and transfers it to Enterprise. Now instead of entering the same information twice, your customers get into their rental vehicle faster.

Better manage the rental process.

Virtually eliminate phone calls and miscommunication. While the customer is in the rental car, your service writers can make changes to rental information, number of days authorized, billing types (Warranty, Internal, Customer Pay) and they will be automatically sent to Enterprise. Numerous phone calls are eliminated and final invoices are more accurate.

Callbacks? Not with the ARMS® Dealership application. The old days of having to request a daily list of needed extensions are gone. The ARMS® Dealership application provides an on-line list of all rentals requiring attention that day. Or, if you like, look ahead to other days to help you better manage your overall service program.

Easier billing.

With the ARMS® Dealership application, when the customer is put into a rental vehicle, controls are activated in the CDK Repair Order system to ensure that the repair order cannot be closed until all charges are accounted. Once the Enterprise rental is complete, payment amounts are immediately sent updating the service repair order. This helps ensure the accuracy of the rental and repair order amounts, and eliminates the Service Department from waiting on paper copies to complete the service invoice.

Tracking rentals and reconciliation.

The w.e.b.Suite2007 Fast Lane includes a new Stat that details the rental status, alerts if the customer is over their approved time and highlights any pending charges. In the case of closed repair orders, if the rental amount was overridden, a variance report will show the rental charges and the amount charged by Enterprise. Management can then easily spot the variance and take corrective action.

The ARMS® Dealership application puts invoices at your fingertips. Just type in the RO number or the customer name and the ARMS® Dealership application retrieves it instantly. You can view invoices within the ARMS® Dealership application or reprint a paper copy. No more searching for paper invoices.

All this, and it’s free.*

Save time. Increase efficiency and accuracy. Deliver better customer service, and do it all free,* with the ARMS® Dealership application. All you have to do is say “I want ARMS® Dealership for my CDK w.e.b.Suite™2007 System.” Enterprise will then work with CDK to make sure you’re ready for the upgrade. Enterprise will even come in and train your staff to ensure everyone knows how to use it effectively.

And that’s the key to the ARMS® Dealership application—rentals made easier. Ask your local Enterprise Rent-A-Car Representative for the ARMS® Dealership application today!